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Face masks are recommended and highly encouraged.

PLEASE remember to follow all of the federal, state and local guidelines.

We ask that visitors to Laurelwood Arboretum observe the following recommendations for the safety of everyone:

  • Please follow public health guidance, including social distancing of at least 6 feet.
  • While on trails, let others know of your presence as you pass and step aside to let others pass.
  • Do not congregate in groups.
  • Do not visit the park if you are quarantined due to COVID-19 or have any symptoms of the virus.
  • Be advised that our public restrooms are closed until further notice.

The Knippenberg Center for Education will remain closed, and all events, programs and volunteer activities will remain suspended, until further notice. Without the volunteers, our four outdoor employees have been hard at work maintaining and beautifying the arboretum. They are complying with all public health guidance. Please give them the room they need so that they can continue their work unimpeded.

Friends of Laurelwood Arboretum public monthly board meetings
will be held on-line until further notice.
Click here for detailed information.

Installations Underway!
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  • An educational and enriching project
  • Featuring 15 sculptures by prominent artists
  • Professionally curated and expertly placed


To learn more about this exciting project and to help fund the installations, click the link below. Help make this vision a reality!
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