Oxidized Pod, Robert Koch
Location #5

Oxidized Pod, welded mild steel, was created by Robert Koch. His large (72”) welded work exemplifies his love of nature. Using rigid and lifeless materials, his work centers solely on steel sculpture inspired by organic movements found in nature. Each piece attempts to challenge the inherent behavior of the materials as if to capture aspects from nature such as the movements of a leaf in the wind, the swaying of reeds, or even the split second a seed begins to germinate. Read about the artist.

Mingus II

Mingus II, Richard Heinrich
Location #8

Mingus II, welded steel sculpture, is a self portrait created by Brooklyn native Richard Heinrich. He listens to music as he works in his Tribeca studio, and the titles of his work often reflect the strong influences of Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk and others. Read about the artist.

lyemoja statue

Brickhead Iyemoja, James Tyler
Location #15

Iyemoja, from West Africa, is the protector of all women, governing childbirth, conception, love, and healing. See Lorraine Meyer’s photos of the installation. Read about the artist. See artist interview.