Wetlands GardenThe Wetlands Garden is located on your left as you drive into the Pines Lake Drive West parking lot. Generously donated by our close neighbor James Veale and his family in the summer of 2019, the Wetlands Garden is an area  in which water pools on the surface of the ground after heavy or prolonged rains.

The plants that do well in that habitat include river birch, dappled willow, morning light maiden grass, pennisetum, leucothoe and native chokeberry.

Beautyberry photo by Lorraine Meyer

photo by Lorraine Meyer

The area surrounding the low-lying wetter ground contains Norway spruce, Kousa dogwood, Southern magnolia, Japanese cedar, arborvitae, rhododendron, foxglove and beautyberry.

The Wetlands Garden can be viewed from a wooden walkway into the garden, also a gift from the Veale family. There is an interpretive sign by artist Gayle Reed attached to the railing which displays the images and names of the plants as a learning tool.

As this is a new garden, we are monitoring the growth and health of the plants that were specially selected for this environment.

Click here to download the Wetlands Garden brochure.