Azalea WayAzalea Way is gravel roadway parallel to and overlooking Laurel Pond. It is a spectacular walk in mid-May when hybrid azaleas bred by Joseph Gable (1886-1972) of Pennsylvania are in bloom. Among them are: Othello, Snow, and sweet-scented Rose Greeley, all planted by the Knippenbergs. Orange deciduous Flame Azaleas cover part of the slope.

Flame Azalea

Azalea Way

Installing deer netting 2017

Volunteers installing deer netting in 2017

Deer damage continues to be one of the most serious problems in the arboretum. We spray continuously and have installed netting to prevent the deer from trampling, eating or rubbing against our most treasured rhododendrons and azaleas. Despite our best efforts, the plantings along Azalea Way continue to be severely damaged by deer.

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